20th Annual Slotin Folk Fest

The Slotin Folk Fest is the world’s largest folk art show and sale, hosting 100+ galleries and dealers from around the nation specializing in self-taught art, outsider art, folk art, Southern folk pottery, and anonymous antique folk art. The 20th Annual Folk Fest was held August 16-18, 2013, at the North Atlanta Trade Center in Norcross, Georgia. The country's best folk artists filled the 85,000 square feet of space for three days. This was Andy's first year to participate. We loved it and plan to return next  year. Below is a sample of the artists who participated this year. There were way too many to include in one blog post. George T. Borum created the Folk Fest's sign.


Steve and Amy Slotin started Folk Fest twenty years ago. Thanks for the fabulous show, guys!


An indoor festival with pre-constructed walls is much easier than an outdoor festival with a tent. And thank goodness it was indoors, because it rained almost the entire time we were there.


Over 12,000 visitors were expected to attend Folk Fest this year. I lost count after about 30. Ha!


These sisters loved Andy's new owl painting and attempted to draw it themselves. They did a great job!


I'm a huge fan of Pete the Cat, so I was honored to meet creator James Dean. Does he consider me a friend, fan, or stalker? Only time will tell. If you're also a fan, you'll be pleased to know the newest Pete the Cat book releases October 1st.


I fell in love with Blockhead Arts. Artist Marian Baker is going to make us a custom piece representing our two cats, Alys and Blue. (And that says a lot, because right now our house is only full of Andy's art, with the exception of one small flamingo piece by Lisa P. Young.) Marian's art will make an appearance in the new movie Prisoners - how exciting!


Andy and I are both crazy about Chris Cumbie's art. We met him in Fairhope in 2011. I would love to see Andy and Chris collaborate on a piece. How awesome is that owl?! It sold almost immediately, of course.


Marcia Weber Art Objects represented several well-known and well-respected folk artists. It was an impressive collection!


Main Street Gallery displayed work by Dorethey Gorham. I love that each of her pieces tells a story. I might need to get one!


Kathleen Taylor's art was so fun! I definitely recognized her work, but I'm not sure where I've seen it.


Andy thought the Haitian art of Le Primitif was really cool.


Joel Pinkerton was another of our favorites. His work reminded me of the animated movie Robots (in a good way).


Michael Banks had some interesting art. Some of his baby paintings freak me out a little, but overall his work was cool.


Jamaican artist Athlone Clarke had some creative pieces. His booth was right next to Andy's, so we spent a lot of time studying each piece.


Andy has been a big fan of Mary Proctor for awhile, so it was exciting to finally meet her.


Bebo is another artist we've followed for awhile. Is that his real name? I have no idea. Does he have a last name? I assume so, but I don't know what it is. He's a cool guy.


I didn't have a chance to meet Tim and Lisa Kluttz, but I loved their paintings.


Herschel Kranitz is a little crazy. When I asked to take his photo, he asked if I preferred him to be with or without clothes. Ha! I love his mosaic art... and his bright blue socks.


Stephen Webber had amazing work! I loved the three dimensional aspect. So cool!


Andy and I both adored Jackie Haliburton's faceless women. Beautiful!


Saint or sinner? Naughty or nice? Ask Theresa Disney. I asked if she was related to Walt and she said she wasn't in the will. So, there you go. And in case you're wondering, she gave Andy a "nice" pin.


Hallie Edwards of Big Gully is so much fun! She started off as a fan of Andy's work and, long story short, now we're friends. Don't lose any digits, Hallie!


Somehow I didn't get a photo of Beverly Hayden or her incredible mixed media art. You will just have to check out her web site.


The adorable William Reed provided musical entertainment throughout the weekend. If you'd like to book him for your next event, call (404) 755-7056.