Highlights of 21st Annual Slotin Folk Fest (Norcross, Georgia)

Andy and I traveled to Norcross for the 21st Annual Slotin Folk Fest August 15th-17th. This was Andy's second year to have a booth. The Slotin Folk Fest is one of the biggest and most enjoyable events we have done. Here are some highlights from this year's show.

Our relationship with Immaculate Baking started at last year's Folk Fest. Andy got to hang out with Angela last week in Minneapolis, so it was fun catching up with her again. Here they are posing with Andy's rough sketch that led to the billboard.


Art festivals generate a significant portion of our annual income, which is nice. But my other favorite aspect of shows is that they're always a reunion with other artists. These familiar faces start to feel like a family. For example...


This is Melanie Blackerby and her husband Jeb. We were instantly great friends after meeting at the Harding Art Show earlier this year.


It was great seeing Bebo. His art is also on Immaculate Baking products.


We had a special treat Sunday morning. We arrived to hear Bebo, his dad, and a friend singing old hymns. What a joyful way to start the day!


I like the direction Chris Cumbie is going with the robots.


Hallie Edwards (Big Gully Folk Art) lights up a room!


This year our booth was right across from Athlone Clarke. It was a good opportunity to get to know him better. He's a fascinating artist with great insight.


I'm not quite sure what was going on with Athlone, his sons, and Michael Banks, but it was funny!


I really like Marian Baker of Blockhead Arts. One of these days I will get my act together and commission her to paint our two cats.


Steve and Amy Slotin put on a great event! Can you believe this is the Folk Fest's 21st year?

I don't personally know the following artists, but I wanted to bring attention to them because I like their work.


I am borderline obsessed with Larry Smith's birdhouses. His pieces are replicas of historical buildings. They are all beautiful, with no detail overlooked.


Check out these creative faces by S. D. Meadows. Aren't they great?


Cassandra Harrison makes beautiful dolls, some inspired by movies. I liked this one the most, probably because I've been pregnant five times.


I didn't get to meet Della Wells, but I adore her mixed media pieces. Her work reminded me of paper dolls (in a good way).


How precious are Sandy Erickson Wright's cows? Absolutely darling.


I still haven't met Dorethey Gorham, although Andy had a chance to. I like that her pieces tell a story.


If Kathleen Taylor illustrated a children's book, I'd buy it. I love her work!


This was the first time I've met Lurena Sheary-Williamson of Tattered Moon. Her dolls are precious.