Andy's First Art Show in South Walton

Although he didn't officially launch his art career until March 2010, can you guess when Andy's first art show in South Walton was held? If his dated outfit and hairstyle don't give you a clue, I'll tell you... March 4, 2005! Andy and I grew up on the Emerald Coast, but moved away for a few years after we got married. When we moved back to the area in 2004, we reconnected with Arix Zalace, our friend from high school. Andy and Arix were both experimenting with mixed media assemblage art and discussed doing a show together. Arix had a connection with a homeowner in Seaside who was excited about opening her home for an art show. Of course, art was still only a hobby for Andy back in 2005, but this was a good opportunity to get his feet wet in the business.

I get nostalgic looking at these old photos. Andy has developed his skills so much in the past 13 years! If someone had told me that night that we'd someday have a gallery in Grayton Beach and that Andy would be a full-time artist, I don't think I would have dared to believe them. We're thankful for these humble beginnings.