Art Inspired By Luzianne Coffee and Chicory

Andy's parents started collecting antiques long before he was born. Their collection is vast and diverse, with items discovered all over the United States and Europe. We've often joked that their house could one day be turned into a museum. Because of this extensive antique collection, Andy grew up surrounded by interesting and intriguing odds and ends. Many of his assemblage pieces contain either elements his mother has shared with him or similar items that others have donated. If you've visited Andy's gallery in Grayton Beach, you've probably noticed vintage tins scattered throughout. One of his favorite tins is from Luzianne Coffee and Chicory.


Of all the antiques in his parents' house, this is one that stood out to Andy. I'm not sure why. Was it the bold colors? The woman's warm smile? Or perhaps that New Orleans was their family's favorite vacation spot during his adolescent years? Andy's love for coffee and tea probably contributed, too. Also, the company's history was of interest.

William B. Reily began Luzianne in 1902 and is still family owned today. Based in New Orleans, Luzianne has a reputation for selling the region’s finest coffee and tea. Luzianne is just one of the many brands owned by Reily Foods Company. Andy and I have a great appreciation for family owned businesses with humble beginnings.

Andy started working on his Luzianne piece several months ago. She kept him company in his upstairs studio, and he would occasionally add a little paint here, a little paint there. By the end of July, he added the final touches to complete the piece.

Luzianne | 30x41 inches

Luzianne | 30x41 inches

Whether inspired by a family owned business, a well-known brand of coffee, or a company with roots in a city he's fond of, we hope you like this piece.