Custom Art: Cathie

Our interior designer friend James (Van Stavern Interiors) commissioned Andy to create a piece of custom art for his client Cathie in Texas. They wanted something wild, bold, and full of life. Cathie collected sentimental odds and ends, family keepsakes, and random fun objects, then shipped them to Florida. Andy couldn't stop laughing when he opened the box of treasures! He instantly knew this would be a fun assemblage piece where he could really let his imagination run free. Andy spent a couple months rearranging items on a large piece of wood, shifting them daily until a scene started to unfold. At first he was going to simply paint a lady, but then he decided to cut her body out and attach it to another piece of wood for additional depth. This made it easier to place jewelry and watches on her wrists and arms. He definitely wanted to include the Disney records, since those are nostalgic for us, too. Cathie's two pups also made an appearance.

This piece was SO FUN for Andy to make, and it'll be hard to say goodbye when we ship it to Texas. A lot of Andy's art fans apparently loved it, too - it generated a ton of "likes" on Instagram. If you'd like to commission a custom art piece that incorporates your sentimental items, call or text Andy at (850) 502-0072 to discuss.

Miss Thang | 48x72 inches

Miss Thang | 48x72 inches