Grayton Beach Drive Five

Almost three years ago (September 2013), Andy was asked to paint a "Grayton Beach Drive Five" sign, which was going to be posted at the beach access. Sure, they could have used your standard "5 MPH" sign. But this is Grayton Beach, where creativity and fun set the mood! Apparently permitting and whatnot took awhile, but the sign was finally installed, just in time for the summer! Unless you're a local resident, you might not realize that you need a permit to drive on the beach. Even if you're not lucky enough to have a permit, you can still walk down the sand path. So next time you're in the area, grab a meal at one of the two best restaurants in South Walton (The Red Bar or Chiringo), then take a walk down to the water. If you find Andy's sign, post a photo on Facebook or Instagram, and tag Andy to let him know you found it!

Grayton Beach Drive Five sign
Grayton Beach Drive Five sign

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