Andy's Art is on Immaculate Baking Products... Again!

It's finally happening... Andy's art is on Immaculate Baking products once again!

Scott Blackwell, founder of Immaculate Baking Company, was drawn to the simplicity, creativity, resilience, and resourcefulness of folk artists. He decided to celebrate them by featuring their work on his products' packaging.

If you've been following Andy's career for the past year, you know that his art is already featured on two Immaculate Baking products. In June 2014, the company released Double Chocolate Cookie Mix (featuring Queen of the Jungle) and Organic All-Purpose Flour (featuring Bon Temps Butterfly). These products are distributed nationwide, so you've likely seen them at your local grocery stores and Target. I admit, it still thrills our kids (and me!) to see their dad's artwork and face while walking down the aisle at Publix.


In October 2013, Immaculate Baking bought The City That Never Sleeps. Product development took a bit longer this time, but it's finally official! Andy's artwork, inspired by New York City, is now featured on Immaculate's Oats & Honey Place & Bake Bars. These breakfast bars will have a limited release prior to being launched nationwide. The company will be sampling them at Los Angeles area Costco stores April 27th-28th and May 7th-8th. Sadly, Andy and I won't be able to travel to California for the release, so we will have to keep waiting to try the new product. (Actually, it may be awhile before we get our hands on them, since the closest Costco to us is 2.5 hours away!) If you or someone you know will be in the Los Angeles area on any of those four dates mentioned, and you make a point to stop by Costco, tell us about it! You can post a photo on Andy's Facebook page or tag him on Instagram. I'm sure Immaculate Baking would love your feedback, too (check out their Facebook and Instagram).

Andy's piece entitled  The City That Never Sleeps

Andy's piece entitled The City That Never Sleeps


Also, as a side note to those from Florida's panhandle, did you notice anything about this piece? Although this is a loose interpretation of the NYC skyline, Andy included a bit of home in it... and it made it onto the Oats & Honey packaging! Do you see the Rosemary Beach Town Hall? We love South Walton!

Rosemary Beach Town Hall
Rosemary Beach Town Hall