Jim James | My Morning Jacket

This past spring, a couple came into Andy's gallery. They looked around for a bit, and were drawn to Andy's musically-themed pieces. The lady wanted to have Andy make a custom piece in honor of her cousin, who is a musician. As it turns out, her cousin is Jim James - the vocalist, frontman, producer, and lead songwriter for My Morning Jacket. As Andy started looking through Google images for inspiration, he got excited about this project. He wanted to make the piece in a similar style as his recent Johnny Cash piece. And you have to admit, Jim James has some pretty exciting hair! That might sound nuts, but it's details like this that make art fun to create. Three photos in particular jumped out at Andy, which he used as the inspiration for his piece.


You will notice bits and pieces from these three photos scattered throughout the painting:


Here's the final product, which is 30 inches wide and 78 inches tall:


Music is a theme throughout a lot of Andy's work. If you have a favorite musician or band, you may contact Andy about doing a custom piece for you.