Custom Art: Large Mixed Media Art

Last month, Andy made a large mixed media art piece for Cathie. After completing it, Cathie wanted Andy to use some of her remaining sentimental treasures for a large "mask" to hang over a large mirror. She wanted the piece in a similar style to Miss Thang. Here's the large mixed media art he designed:


Creating it was challenging enough, but Andy also had to figure out how to safely ship it 1000+ miles from Grayton Beach to the middle of Texas. It definitely needed to go via FedEx's air freight. But he couldn't use cardboard and bubble wrap, as he typically would. Instead he had to build a crate out of plywood. But Complexity is huge! So, he ended up connecting the curly side pieces on two hinges, which made them removable for shipping. This protected them but also made the crate smaller. This large mixed media art piece was complex to create and to ship, thus the name Complexity, but we (including Cathie) are very pleased with the result.

If you'd like a mixed media piece using some of your sentimental treasures, call or text Andy at (850) 502-0072 to discuss.