Why the Lowe's Near Me is Romantic

Earlier this week, Andy texted me from work: "Want to go to Lowe's tonight? It could be a date."

This isn't the first time Andy has suggested going to Lowe's Home Improvement for a date. What a hopeless romantic! And no, I'm not kidding. You might think I'm crazy, but the Lowe's near me can actually be romantic. Honestly, it's one of our favorite date places. To understand why, you need a glimpse into our past, present, and future.


The Past: Daydreaming on 30A

Andy and I started dating halfway through high school. He had a ponytail but no beard, and I had a ponytail but no makeup. I also dressed like a boy more often than not, an unflattering fashion trend I blame on Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Back in the high school days, we used to drive along Scenic 30A and daydream about one day having an art gallery there. At that time, it certainly felt like an unattainable dream. The term "starving artist" had some truth behind it, right? Not necessarily. This is America.... if you can dream it, you can do it!

Homecoming Dance, 1994

Homecoming Dance, 1994

The Present: Dreams Do Come True

A lot changed over time (marriage, five kids, etc), but our dream of a 30A art gallery remained. It took 18 years, but it finally became a reality when Andy Saczynski Studio-Gallery opened in Grayton Beach in 2012.

So, what does this have to do with Lowe's being our romantic date spot? A lot, actually.


I assume most artists get materials from an art supply store, but Andy depends on Lowe's for paint, wood, screws... you name it. And when we go to Lowe's, it's all about pursuing our dream together. We imagine, brainstorm, strategize, and plan. We discuss decorating trends, artistic themes, and popular color palettes. We talk about both our past and our future. And we flirt a little, because after all, it's date night!


The Future: Dreaming My Dreams With You

I think one key element of a successful marriage is dreaming together. If you and your spouse have different dreams, you're likely to start walking down different paths. But when you dream together, then chase those dreams together, you've always got your best friend by your side. You'll never find a business partner as deeply committed as the one with whom you share your home and wedding vows.

Our relationship began in 1994, and The Cranberries released No Need to Argue the same year. Below is one of my favorite songs from that album. Here's to a lifetime of chasing dreams with you, Andy.

I'll be dreaming my dreams with you

And there's no other place

That I'd lay down my face

I'll be dreaming my dreams with you