Natural Products Expo West

Andy and I had the opportunity to attend the Natural Products Expo West at the Anaheim Convention Center March 6th–8th. As you know, Andy has a good relationship with Immaculate Baking Company. (For those of you who are "new" here, his art appears on their packaging and he painted a billboard for them last summer.) When they approached him about accompanying them to Expo West, he jumped at the excuse to visit Southern California. And of course, I insisted on going with him.


According to their web site: "Natural Products Expo West continues to be the leading trade show in the natural, organic and healthy products industry, attracting over 67,000 industry professionals and 3,000 exhibits to the Anaheim Convention Center. Rated as one of the top 200 trade shows in the US by Tradeshow Week, Natural Products Expo West continues to help attendees reach their business goals... Natural Products Expo West showcases the entire value chain of healthy products from start to finish, identifying the bestsellers of today and the trends of tomorrow."

When I read the description, the part about "3,000 exhibits" didn't really sink in.  When we arrived, we realized just how insanely huge this trade show is. You could easily spend a full day walking down every aisle and still not see everything. And almost every vendor was giving away free samples: prepared food, packaged food, beauty products, cleaning products... I even got a free 10-minute massage! In retrospect, we should have brought an extra empty suitcase with us to haul our samples home. I ate enough for 10 people, but it was all natural and organic, so I guess it's okay? {insert nervous laugh}

Immaculate Baking Company's booth

Immaculate Baking Company's booth

Immaculate Baking Company was located in booth 3864, which was highly visible and right in the middle of everything awesome. Of course, their booth (which was really a cottage) stood out among the rest. We were proud to be with them!

Andy spent all three days at Immaculate's booth painting, posing for photos, and signing autographs. Okay, I'm kidding about the autographs, but he did have the opportunity to meet a lot of people and even saw one of our friends from Destin!

It was such a great experience. If you love natural products, I'd definitely recommend attending Expo West next year. And bring an extra suitcase! Thank you, Immaculate Baking Company, for giving us the opportunity to partner with you at this event.