7 Reasons to Buy Original Art

I could surely think of many more, but I've narrowed it down to my top 7 reasons to buy original art. I've also included photos from some of Andy's past customers.


#1 - Show Your Personality - What does your art say about you? Are you serious or playful? Fancy or fun? Does your art communicate a memory or emotion? Art is a great tool to show your personality throughout your home.


#2 - Share a Story - Every piece of art has a story behind it, which is why many people connect with art on a personal level. This can be a special reminder for yourself, or a conversation starter with guests.


#3 - Choose the Size - Perhaps you have specific size limitations... no problem! When you buy art directly from an artist, you can request a custom size to fit your space perfectly.


#4 - Select Your Colors - When you buy art directly from an artist, you can also request your color palette. Many times, we have a customer or their decorator provide us with paint and/or fabric samples so their art truly has a custom look.


#5 - Own a One-of-a-Kind - Pieces of original art can be similar, but never duplicated. When you own original art, you can be sure that no one else in the world has exactly the same piece.


#6 - Grow Your Collection - Sadly, we've had a few family members pass away this year. From our personal experience, most things don't have much sentimental value. However, original artwork and family photographs are certainly items that are cherished. Not only can you enjoy your original art, but your loved ones will also appreciate your collection for generations to come.


#7 - Support an Artist - Those who create are a special gift to society. Whether their medium is art, music, or design, supporting these creative people enables them to continue making beautiful things for all of us to enjoy.