Sweet Jody Fishing Shirts Featuring Andy's Art


Captain Cliff Cox runs Sweet Jody Fishing, one of Destin's most popular deep sea fishing boats. When he and his wife April approached Andy about featuring his art on their Sweet Jody Fishing shirts, Andy happily agreed. They requested a "funky red grouper," which made Andy even happier. If you look closely, you can see that Andy included squid and octopus tentacles, tiny fish, shrimp, hearts, waves, and a crescent moon. Andy gave Cliff and April the original artwork to keep, and they had their designers put it on their new line of short- and long-sleeve shirts. The shirts are available in a variety of colors (see photos below). Short-sleeve shirts are $25 and long-sleeve shirts are $30. To purchase a shirt, stop by their booth at 210 Harbor Boulevard in Destin. Not local? No problem! To order, contact Sweet Jody Fishing at SweetJodyFishing@gmail.com or (850) 650-2500.

Andy's original sketch

Andy's original sketch


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