39th Annual Harding Art Show 2014 (Nashville, Tennessee)

The 39th Annual Harding Art Show was held at the Harding Academy in Nashville, Tennessee, May 1-3, 2014. This was Andy's first time to participate in the Harding Art Show, the main fundraiser for the school's Parents Auxiliary, which allocates the money to programs and services that directly benefit the students of Harding Academy. Thirty percent of each purchase goes directly to this fund. Andy was one of 69 artists selected by the Harding Academy for this year's show.


Andy and I were both impressed by how nicely the school accommodated the artists. This is by far the best art show we've ever been a part of, and we look forward to returning in 2015. Below are a few of my favorite artists from the show, many of whom I would now call our friends.


Obviously, this is Andy's booth. Obviously, he's my favorite artist.


This is Steve Penley's amazing art. I adore his Ronald Reagan pieces.


Oh, look! Two of my favorite artists hanging out by Andy's booth. Steve Penley's art is rad. It's no wonder he was the featured artist at this year's show.


I love Valentina Harper's work! I bought two small prints, which says a lot, because I rarely buy art by other artists - there isn't room in our home!


Kent Youngstrom is our new friend from Charlotte, North Carolina. He did a pretty sweet painting at Elevation Church. Ask him to see the video.


We met Bebo at the Slotin Folk Fest last year. Great guy! (Fun fact: Bebo isn't his real name, but I'm not telling you what it is. You'll have to ask him!)


Amber Wallace uses recycled and repurposed materials. Her web site doesn't seem to be working at the moment, but she can be reached at (615) 753-0910.


This is CRAZY! We ran into Wes at the show. He and Andy worked together at the Destin J. Crew store in the mid-1990s. We haven't seen Wes in about 20 years. Small world!


Grant Garmezy does some pretty insane things with glass. This photo doesn't even do it justice. Check out his web site.


Barrett Hedges is a real deal photographer. You may have seen his work in National Geographic. He's traveled the world capturing award-winning shots of wildlife while avoiding being mauled.


Sarah Kaufman's paintings are so dreamy and magical! I want to have her illustrate a children's book and get a copy for my kids.


Evy McPherson had a beautiful booth, complete with fresh flowers. Check out her jewelry.


Charla Steele uses recycled magazines to make her artwork. It seems like the process would be incredibly time-consuming, but the result is really cool.


Amanda Bennett's pieces are so cool! I like her style.


Melanie Blackerby is a total sweetheart from Mobile, Alabama. She's coming to South Walton this week and I'm looking forward to hanging out with her.


Bailey Jack is a camera-shy firecracker. I love her pigs! Her web site appears to be down at the moment, but you can reach her at paintingsbybailey@gmail.com.


It was really cool meeting S. A. Habib, because his sister is South Walton artist Beeb Benson. Small world, once again!


Vicki Sawyer's foxes remind me of The Fox and the Hound. Adorable!


Daniel Lai manipulates book pages to make these interesting pieces of art.

Those were some of our highlights from the 2014 Harding Art Show!