Surf Art: Paintings, Assemblage, Board Design, and More

Andy has been surfing almost as long as he's been drawing and painting, so it's no surprise that his collection includes surf art. Chicks dig the surfer guys, and I was no exception. I started stalking dating Andy halfway through our junior year of high school. I wish I could share some of his "sexy surfer boy" photos with you, but that would probably cause significant marital damage. Moving right along...

Surf Art Paintings

It all started with some paintings. After getting inspired while looking through various surfing magazines, Andy painted some "swell" art, including the piece below. (Also, I apologize for that ridiculous pun.)


Pacific Swell | 56x33 inches

Assemblage Surf Art

Next, Andy made several pieces of assemblage surf art. Many of these pieces were also inspired by Bob Marley's music. For example:


Get Up Stand Up 2 | 45x35 inches


Get Up Stand Up | 32x32 inches


Don't Rock My Boat | 29x35 inches

Technically, Don't Rock My Boat features a small boat, not a surfboard. But it's created in the same style and it's my favorite of the bunch, so I wanted to include it. 

Board Design

Andy has also painted many surfboards, both for himself and others. He painted this vintage Rick James surfboard, which is currently on display at his gallery. You won't see a price tag on it, but he'd probably be willing to part with it for the right offer. Also, Andy would be happy to paint a custom image on your surfboard.

vintage Rick James surfboard
vintage Rick James surfboard


Coastal Lifestyle magazine recently noticed the connection between surfing and Andy's art. Their April/May 2014 issue featured an article about Andy.