VW Bus Art: Honoring the Volkswagen Classic

You know what's almost as cool as a VW bus? VW bus art! Andy loves VW buses. I mean, who doesn't?! Seeing a VW bus produces warm, fuzzy emotions and a sense of adventure. For the past few months, Andy had been wanting to make a new series of VW bus art. What better way to honor the Volkswagen classic, right? But first, he needed the perfect model. He had done many Google searches looking for a photo taken at just the right angle, but hadn't yet found the one. Then it happened. Was it luck? Destiny? Coincidence? I don't know, but here's what happened... It was none other than April Fool's Day. Andy was working in his upstairs studio. A woman wandered into the gallery, so Andy made small talk with her. She discussed possibly getting one of his Western Lake paintings. Then she left for the Shops of Grayton, saying she'd return later.

Andy went back upstairs and casually looked out the window. And there it was: the one. The very VW bus that he'd been waiting for all his life (or maybe just a few months).


Andy went outside, iPhone in hand, ready to take photos. A man was standing next to the VW bus. Andy asked if he could take some photos of it, since it was the very bus he wanted to paint. The man agreed.

A little time passed, and the man and woman came into the gallery. Andy hadn't realized they were together. Long story short, they were very excited that their bus was going to be the subject of Andy's art. They requested a custom piece that included their bus, Western Lake, flowers, and a sunset. This was the result:


Get On the Bus | 34x22 inches

Of course, it didn't stop there! Using their bus as the model, Andy made several more pieces of VW bus art.


3 Star Bus | 26x24 inches


Flower Power | 34x26 inches


Lone Starry Night | 32x24 inches