Walton Sun Newspaper Box

In the spring of 2014, Andy was asked to paint a Walton Sun newspaper box. This was part of a community wide project involving several local artists. Walton County is an artsy community and this was a creative way to bring more artistic influence to the area. Andy was happy to accept the Walton Sun's request.

South Walton has 16 beach communities. Since Andy's gallery is in Grayton Beach, it made sense that his Walton Sun newspaper box would find a permanent home in the same beach community. Grayton Beach has a fun, funky vibe, which Andy wanted the box to reflect. Grayton Beach also has an old Florida feel, so Andy wanted to highlight the fact that it was established in 1890.


So, what was the concept for the box? FUN and FUNKY. First, Andy painted many of the same signature swirls, waves, and patterns he's used since the early 1990s. Next, he included a bright, bold sun (a hat tip to the Walton Sun) with some of his popular blue birds. Then he included a "read all about it" parrot. The finishing touch was a boom box because... well, why not? Andy has a sense of humor! His box is colorful, just like the community itself.


As of now, Andy's Walton Sun newspaper box has found a home in front of Another Broken Egg Cafe. At this time, we aren't sure if that will be a temporary or permanent location.


Just a little side note... Back in the mid-2000s Andy painted a newspaper box for The News Herald in Panama City. We have no idea where that box is now. Ha! Let us know if you see it!