Fish Art Made From Piano Parts

Many of Andy's friends and fans are aware that he makes assemblage art with found objects, so it's not that unusual for people to offer him old musical instruments to rip apart and turn into art. His favorite instrument to deconstruct is a guitar, but a piano is a close second. If you've looked through his portfolio, you know that it includes many pieces of art made from piano parts.


Some of you music lovers might be horrified that Andy rips apart old instruments. I can understand your feelings of wanting to protect them. I have no idea why the owners are disposing of them, but I like to think Andy saves them from landfills and gives them new life by repurposing them.

Andy most recently used an old Wurlitzer to create two mahi mahi pieces.


The first one was sold a week after it was finished, so he started working on a second one. The new mahi was just finished last week.


In addition to these two mahi mahi, Andy has several other pieces of art made from piano parts. When Andy deconstructs a piano or any other musical instrument, who knows what he'll "see" that we don't!