Floral Art

So far this year, Andy has added four new pieces to his floral art collection. Maybe it's because I'm a lady, but I find it easy to love flowers. The subject works in just about any home or office, so it's really just a matter of finding flowers with the colors you like.


The first floral piece of 2015 had a graffiti style. When I first saw it, I said something like, "Wow! Flowers everywhere!" So, it was named 24/7. Flowers, flowers, and more flowers... 24/7 flowers.


Andy painted Gloomy Blooms in late March. The title has nothing to do with the art. I actually find it cheerful! But it was painted on a gloomy day, thus the name.


Honeymilk Blooms was named for the color white used on the petals. I love this piece! Each flower looks delicate, gently moving with the breeze.


Finished at the end of April, Fenton Flowers is a fresh take on a classic still life. I like that all the little details on the wall and table give it texture.